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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Stamping

Do you want your papercraft project to be different and individual in seconds? Then you need to start stamping now! Stamping is my favourite craft and many crafters would agree, it’s quick, accessible, can be inexpensive and all skill levels can master it with the right tools! If you have never stamp before and feel you are not creative in anyway, you can achieve your own fantastic, beautiful and personalised results with little effort. From making your own handmade cards and keeping your memories on scrapbook pages, to up-cycling your own home décor, stamping is an extremely handy technique to learn.

The advantage of stamping is how versatile it can be, whether you're a batch maker for craft fairs or you want each and every project to be unique, with stamping the possibilities are endless. The process of stamping is the start of creating something beautiful, once you’ve stamped your image, now it is time to colour, decorate and embellish, you can keep it simple or add intricate detail, it’s entirely up to you.


Thanks to this simple yet ingenious little invention, you only need a little bit of inspiration to create hand stamped cards, gift bags, home decor items, gift tags and so much more! Simply select your image, ink up your stamp and you will have an instant result. You can choose to keep it simple, or experiment with more complex techniques as time progresses!


Stamping can be quick and easy, I find the hardest part about stamping is deciding which stamp set to use. When I’m creating a Birthday card I can’t decide whether to stamp a flower or a balloon or I could simply stamp a large sentiment in a brush lettering font.

It is amazing that with a selection of stamps, ink and a card blank, the possibilities are endless, what I think I love the most about stamping is simply ink up your stamp, place it, and voila! There are some more complex stamps, such as layered stamps but you can get some amazing stamping tools that will ensure your placement is spot-on, every single time.


Making one off cards is lovely and knowing that your design is unique and personalised for the person receiving it, it is great. However, there are times that batch crafting is called for, such as cards from craft fairs, party invitations, wedding stationery, Christmas cards and gift tags. It’s times like these that you’ll thank your lucky stars for your stamp set! Creating 10, 20, 50 or more of the same design is as easy as can be, just ink, stamp and repeat.


You do not need endless supplies, essentially to start all you need is a stamp set, ink pad or two, cardstock and an acrylic block or stamping tool. There are plenty of supplies you can invest in as your hobby grows but to begin with you can start stamping with very little initial outlay.

If you decide after this that you just love stamping (and I can see no reason why you wouldn’t!) then start to expand your collection. You can then experiment with embossing powders and different colouring techniques such as watercoloring, alcohol-based markers, daubing and so much more! But, if thats not your style you can just keep things simple, stamping can be one of the simplest ways to achieve total crafty satisfaction!


You can stamp on to almost any surface, that’s right. Stamping is not just for paper crafts, depending on the type of ink you use, you can stamp onto glass, wood, clay, fabric and more.


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