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New Baby Box Frame gift idea.

This is a lovely personalised addition to a little ones new room or something to make as a gift.

You will need:

  • Card in the colours of your choice

  • Foam Pads

  • Glue or Red Tape

  • Twine

  • Letter stamps

  • Stamping Tool

  • Pattered paper

  • Photo corners

  • Wooden Letter Tiles

  • Box Frame

Step 1 -

Use a small bunting die or punch to cut out enough bunting pieces for little ones date of birth, time of birth and weight at birth. I have used 3 different colours of cardstock.

Step 2 -

Create a time saving template by die cutting 4 bunting shapes out of some

cardstock, this template can be used time and time again.

Using the Stamping Tool place your template in the base of the to it and secure with low tack tape. Position the letter stamps in the centre of the cut outs. Close the Stamping Tool to pick up the stamps.

Put the bunting cut outs in each template hole, ink up and stamp.

Change letters as needed. If you do not have a Stamping Tool you can stamp with an acrylic block.

Step 3 -

Pop some foam pads on the back of each bunting piece.

I have laid the twine on to a piece of paper and secured it with some low tack tape. (this will help as you glue your bunting to the twine)

Ensure the bunting pieces are in the correct order and glue to your twine. leave the glue to dry.

Step 4 -

Cut the some patterned paper to fit the box frame. The box frame I am using is 25cm x 25cm and I have cut my paper to 25cm x 25cm.

Step 5 -

Print out your photo and back on to card.

I am using a 6” x 4” photo and I have cut my card to 6 1/4” x 4 1/4” to give a nice border. To secure my photo I have used photo corners. I have popped foam pads on the back of the backed photo.

Step 6 -

Position the bunting and your photo on the patterned paper. When you are happy with the arrangement peel off the foam pad backing and stick in to position. Stick the twine ends down and trim the excess twine.

Step 7 -

Add little ones name in Wooden Letter Tiles.

Step 8 -

Lastly insert the finished piece in to the frame and close the box frame.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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