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Revamping, Up-cycling an old Glass Jar to make a Magic Butterfly Night Light.

For this magic light up project I have re-purpose an old Glass Jar i had in my kitchen. Instead of one sitting in the cupboard I have revamped it to be something useful.

I have gone for a Butterfly theme as I have a matching butterfly stamp and die set but it could be replicated using any stamp and die set. I think flowers or hot air balloons would also look great. I think it would look lovely in a child’s bedroom as a night light or on a mantle piece in the living room.

I have used white embossing powder but I think if you were to do flowers you could use a mix of colours to make it colourful and you could even use some alcohol markers to give a stained glass look to it.

You will need:

  • Old Glass Jar

  • Butterfly stamp and die

  • Embossing Powder - White

  • Versamark embossing ink pad

  • Heat Tool

  • A4 Vellum

  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

  • LED Battery Lights

Tips -

  1. When stamping in Rare Earth Clear Glass Pigment be careful not to smudge your stamped image as this ink is designed to be tacky.

  2. Don’t stamp all your images at once as you are more likely to smudge them. Stamp 5 or so at a time, powder them and heat set.

  3. When heat setting do not waft your heat tool, concentrate the heat at one point at a time. When the embossing powder dissolves move your heat tool to the next part.

  4. Try to keep your heat tool from touching the vellum as you will likely burn the vellum.

Step 1 -

Using your Clear watermark embossing ink, stamp out your butterflies. You will need 2 for each light. I have 40 butterflies and they are a mix of big and small ones.

Pour your white embossing powder on to the stamped image and set with your heat tool.

Step 2 -

Now that you have all of your images embossed you can now die cut them all out.

Step 3 -

Straighten out your light strip. Place one of your butterflies under the light and secure using a glue gun. Then place a butterfly over the top to create a butterfly sandwich. Use your glue gun to secure in place.

Do this for every light to create a light string of butterflies.

Step 4 -

Attach the light battery pack using your glue gun to a piece of cardstock the same size as the inside of the jar lid.

This will make it easier to change the battery.

Step 5 -

Position your strip light in a circular shape in your jar so the butterflies look like they are flying in a circle.

All finished and ready to Light up the magic.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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