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Hello, and welcome to my crafty space! My name is Kelly Anne Jordan. This is my blog, shop, free tutorials, tips and techniques, and I add to it regularly to keep you all inspired.

This is the home of Card Journaling, What is card journaling?

Card journaling is a unique method that combines elements of card making, mixed media, and art journaling. It allows you to explore your creativity freely while keeping a record of the materials you use. This way, you can easily recreate your favourite projects or simply document your artistic journey. My log it books are available on amazon, the links are below in the post.


“Crafty As A Fox”, is my own brand of stamps, dies, stencils, paper packs, ephemera packs, and books. Crafty As A Fox is geared up for card journaling, art and mixed media journaling, scrapbooking, and card making.  


My books are also available on amazon. I have Journal books, fun puzzle books, colouring books, notebooks, and more to come so keep an eye out. 

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