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Sewing Projects

Sewing project!!!

So I've started doing some small sewing projects, one of which is I am making a patchwork blanket for my son.

I will soon be making patchwork blankets for sale in different styles and colours. If you were interested in a patchwork blanket please get in contact with me.

I also will be starting to sell Madeira threads machine embroidery which is something else I really enjoy doing.

Some of the other things that I like to make a small bridges and hairclips and they will be on sale too soon.

I really enjoy doing crafty things, I find my mind is clear and I feel calm, if you feel the same as I do, find a friend and do something crafty.

I try to make something every week and that could be a card or working on my blanket.

I'd love to hear from you and what crafty things you were up to today...

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