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Great Gift Ideas

So I've been doing a series of gift ideas which you can use as Christmas, birthday presents or if you like to do craft fairs these a great little items to sell. I've got several ideas what you might love from wooden stamped boxes to decorative stamped hearts, candles and crackers. You can find the videos on my YouTube channel all through my website.

So I'm gonna start by showing you some lovely Little wooden boxes which I have hand stamped, some I have coloured and Some stamped only with black ink. these are a great little trinket box this is a lovely gift and it was so easy to do watch the video to find out more.

Next I have this handstand candles which you can create any design using any stamps that you've got. these are beautiful handmade gift. check out my video to find out more.

These personalised notebooks are beautifully embossed in golden. I think this makes the perfect little something for someone special, find out how I make these by watching the video

This next project was a little difficult but well worth it. I have used these premade cup and sources with a candle. I hand stamped this beautiful image onto this very slippery surface and then I sealed it using a very simple lacquer. This item is very unique. Watch how I created this lovely gift.

A simple item for home decor, this beautiful hand stamped heart that I have embossed in gold makes a lovely item to give to a loved one. What I love most about this project is been able to personalise the sentiment and image I put upon the heart.

There will be more Great ideas coming your way very soon so Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the 1st to see the next video. Happy Stamping xx

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