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How to stamp on glass!!!

Happy Friday my crafty friends, I hope your week has been good. I’m hoping that we will have the lovely sunshine over the weekend like we did last week. It was the perfect weather for going to the park with Theo.


So todays little project is some glass stamping and painting. At the Day Centre I work at (my adult job) I have been working with the art group to produce things to sell at our open day. The group I work with have some dexterity problems so have found it difficult do some projects but now I have a Stamparatus my group are able to stamp and re-stamp with no problems. I produced this piece as an example for the group to see. I feel its a great little idea and hope you like it too...

I love how these have turned out. I had fun making this and so did the group I work with. I have already sold this piece.


Watch now how I stamp on to glass!!!


I have used.

Stamp sets

Graceful Gardens

Papillon Potpourri (retired)


Soft Sky


StazOn - Basic

Glass paints


Stamparatus Stamping tool

Frame 5" x 7"


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Happy Making xx

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