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Things you need in your craft stash.

{This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase an item that I recommend, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own.}

Today I wanted to share some of my must have things in my craft room.


Embossing powder storage -

So I’v seen several crafters do this but it is a great way to store your embossing powder I felt I had to share it with you.

It so easy all you need is a small lunch tub, a small plastic spoon and a clip.

The tubs stack nicely, no tipping your powder out on to paper and spilling half of it, this is a must do.


Press and seal -

This is something you need in your craft room if you want to create cards with floating die cut frames. You can do this with many different die cuts and it gives an impressive look. And guess what? This technique results in two cards at once!


Mini paint roller for craft -

So the Stampin’ Up Sponge Brayers are one of my fav tools for ink and ombre techniques, they give grate coverage and are easy to use but if you don’t have them then there are some alternatives you can use.

Such as -


Storage trollies -

Storage trollies are all the rage now and everyone has 1 or more, I have 2 in my craft room. They are perfect to put your Die cutting machine on, your printer, paint and other craft supplies on. I have 1 with die cutting bits and stamping stuff, and the other 1 I have my mixed media bits such as paint, brushes and other bits and bobs.

The amazing thing about these storage trollys is that you can take them into whatever room you are crafting in which makes the transporting of your craft supplies from one room to another or just from one end of the room to the other super easy!

This is a great storage essential for your craft room.

There are lots of different companies making them now. My first 1 is the RÅSKOG Trolley from Ikea and I payed £50 for it. It was easy to put together and has the biggest space. This trolly is from their kitchen department but it is so versatile and there are some cool accessories you can get for it such as clip on tubs and a chopping border top.

My second one is from Hobbycraft and I payed £25 in an offer from £50. Hobbycraft have them on offer quite often. it was easy to put together but is slightly smaller then the Ikea one and at the moment they don’t have any accessories for it.

Recently We R Memory Keepers released “A La Cart Storage Trolley” priced as £49.99. The nice thing about this one is you can get lots of nice accessories for it.

At Create and Craft


Cutting machines -

When I first found out about cutting machines I was hooked.

Before I knew about cutting machines I was living in the stone ages, I had know idea that there where machines that could cut any shape in almost any material to name a few - paper, cardstock, vellum, Glitter card, felt, cotton, heat transfer vinyl and so much more.

There are numerous projects you can make with your cutting machine and you can either sell these projects or keep them for yourself.

These are some of the home craft cutting machines out there

I have a ScanNcut CM900, I have had my ScanNcut for just other a year and I would not be with out it. When I was looking at home cutting machines I considered them all as they are all good machines, What sold it for me was the ability to scan in an image I have stamped and then cut it out (no more fussy cutting), its like having a die for every stamp set I have but I haven’t had to pay for the dies, no other home cutting machine does this. I have made so many different things with this machine such as personalised cards, paper bunting, I’v cut out teddy pattens to sew, i’v decorated t-shirts with heat transfer vinyl and there are so many more things I will do with it.


Paper trimmer -

With the paper crafts that you’ll be creating you will likely need a paper trimmer. A paper trimmer is perfect to cut your image down to the right size so you can create your DIY card bases, envelopes and other paper projects.

Many of us crafters have more then one trimmer for many reasons such as one that is small and easy to take to classes, one that you can’t get the blades for anymore, one for cutting 12”x12” cardstock. I have 3 lol, Cutterpillar Crop Paper Trimmer, Stampin’ Up trimmer and Kit N Caboodle Mini Trimmer

Each one has its own job.

I love my Cutterpillar Crop it is my go to everyday use trimmer, I cut all the card from my classes and for any paper craft project I am working on. This trimmer creates perfect cuts every time through lots of things such as cardstock, vellum, foil, stickers, photo paper, and even light chipboard! It has a powerful LED light along the track that illuminates the cutting edge for accurate cuts, I have never seen a trimmer that comes with a light, amazing. It has a gear-driven rotary blade that passes smoothly by a stationary blade for clean cuts, also it has both imperial and metric rules, this is great for me as I jump between both.

This trimmer is the must expensive at £79.99 BUT you will never have to buy a blades again as the rotary blade has a life time guarantee. Thats what sold it for me and I would not be with out it now.

Stampin’ Up trimmer -

Sadly I can’t get the blades for the Stampin’ Up trimmer anymore as they have just retired it from there product range, it so frustrating when company stop making a product you like to use. I am gutted as it was a good trimmer but not all is lost as this trimmer dose come with a scoring tool so I will use it to score my card base’s. This trainer did cost £27 and the blades cost £5.95 for 2.

This is a small and light weight trimmer that would fit into most craft bags. I take mine to classes or for my out and about crafting. I have found that the tattered lace trimmer blades fit and work in this trimmer, I was lucky enough to get a hole bunch of them in a sale not long ago for £1 for 2 blades, so I stocked up on them. This trimmer cost £9.99 and the blades are £5.99 for 2.



Its so important to have the right card for the job and there are lots of different cardstock out there.

For stamping I use Stampin’ Up Whisper White A4 Cardstock and Rare Earth stamping card(is comes in A4, A6 and 6"x6", both of these cardstock’s are high-quality Stamping Card and super smooth.

If i’m making card base’s I all ways use Stampin’ Up Thick Whisper White or coloured cardstock.

For Water colouring I like to use the Rare Earth Art Media Card, this card is smooth enough to stamp on to and preface for watercoloring. I have tried other watercolour paper but they have been to textured to stamp on to.


Adhesives -

Glue guns, double sided tape and glue dots are a necessity for your craft room. For you’re scrapbook pages, birthday cards, pillow boxes, home decor or whatever, your adhesives will seal the deal on your DIY projects!

Some if my go to ones are -

Yes I have all of these in my craft room Lol.


This is just some of my go to things in my craft room, I would love to hear what yours are?


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Happy Making

Kelly xx

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