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How to apply vinyl on a glass candle holder with a butterfly design.

This is a fab fun way to jazz up a plain candle holder. You can use this technique on any glass surface, so why not up-cycle some of your old jam jars. The candle I'm using today is one I purchased from Dunelm for £1, you can pick up items like this quite inexpensively so keep your eye out.

Making time : 20mins Skill level - Beginners

You will need:

  • ScanNcut or other electronic cutting machine.

  • Adhesive back vinyl sheet - black or a colour of your choice

  • Transfer sheet

  • Glass candle tumbler/holder

  • ScanNcut file - 000276 or other butterfly SVG file.

There are lots of different websites where you can pick up three SVG files which are free for personal use or you many have one of the paper pantry cutting files USB with designs that you would like to use.

Step 1 - Use the butterfly images from the Butterfly and Flower Initial Board. Load the butterfly images in to your canvas work space new project. Arrange the butterflies so that they are slightly overlapping and then weld them together. Size the welded design to fit on your glass candle tumbler.

Step 2 - Cut out your butterfly design from the adhesive back vinyl sheet.

Step 3 - When your design is cut it is time to weed your design. Weeding is the process of removing the vinyl that is not part of the design.

Step 4 - Use a piece of transfer sheet that will fit your design. You can cut a piece down to size and save the rest for other projects.

Position your cut design on your transfer sheet, smooth it down on top of the design.

You can now peel the transfer sheet up, bringing the cut design with it and off of the backing sheet. Your design has now moved to the transfer sheet.

Step 5 - Position your design onto the glass surface,

Next smooth it down on the glass firmly to ensure that it has transferred on to the glass, then peel back the transfer sheet. If the design is still on the transfer sheet replace and smooth it down again.

All finished and ready to display, enjoy.


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Happy Making.

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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