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How to Make a Fun Summer vibes Wall Hanging!

A perfect new home decor piece to make you smile. You could use a quote or something that means something to you or your loved ones, you can even make it personal by adding their name or you could make it in their favourite colours. This project is perfect for all crafters, and you can make it as simple or as detailed as you like by choosing different fonts. In this case, bringing fun summery colours to your day. If you can’t free motion, you can add details by hand in the same way.

Time it takes to make: 4hrs Skill level - Intermediate

You will need: • Sewing machine

• Scissors • Pencil • Threads • Pom pom makers • Twine • Bamboo cane cut to 14”

• Heat N Bond • Cotton fabric • Felt and/or Fabric • Yarn Free template download.

You are my
Download PDF • 31KB

Top Tips: 1) I found it easier to stitch over the words and sun using a free motion embroidery foot. 2) Always have a decent set of haberdashery scissors. 3) Don’t steady fabric from behind on the machine as it will make it go wonky. Carefully steer it from the front to keep the line straight.

Step 1- Cut a piece of calico measuring 40” x 12”. Fold in half, widthways, press and then cut the open edges into a point. Mark the angles with a ruler before chopping them off to check they are equal.

Step 2 - Print the template. If you want to make it more personal, type the wording into a word document and resize to your preferences. Now trace each word on the gluey side of your iron-on adhesive. Go over your lines on the paper backing side too.

Step 3 - Roughly cut each word out and Iron each word onto your chosen felt or fabric. I have used a mixture of both.

Step 4 -

Cut all the words and sun out and peel off the backing. I have cut the sun in half so that half will be at the top of the banner and half at the bottom.

Step 5 - Arrange the wording and sun onto your banner front, leave a space at the top for your Bamboo cane (roughly 1 1/2”). Once you’re happy, iron permanently in place.

Step 6 - Carefully sew around each word on your machine or by hand. Make sure you only sew through one side of the banner.

It was such a gorgeous day when I made this project that Took my machine outside.

Step 7 Make a tassel and Pom pom’s. Cut lengths of yarn and tie them together in the middle to form a top. Use another piece and wrap around the lengths to make your tassel. Trim any ends or loops.

Use a pom pom maker to make one small and one medium pom pom in a colour of your choice.

Step 8 Fold your banner piece right sides together so all the design is on the inside. Place your tassel in the bottom point and pin everything together. Sew 1 1/2” from the top fold, all the way around to the other side, leaving a gap in one long straight edge for turning.

Step 9 Trim any corners and points then turn the right way through the gap and press flat.

Step 10 Using your machine sew along the top edge, roughly 1/4” from the fold, creating a channel for your Bamboo cane. Then top stitch all the outer edges for neatness.

Step 11

Insert your Bamboo cane and add twine to each end for hanging, then add your pom-poms to one side.

All finished


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Happy Making.

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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