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How to make a no-sew sock bunny family, Easter activity.

How adorable is this little Sock Bunny family? I love that it only takes a little bit of shaping, some tying, and cutting but no patterns or needle-and-thread required, un-less you want to.

This as a perfect project to do with the kids for the Easter holidays. Why not make a whole family like I have.

You will need:

  • Sock’s

  • Rice

  • Ribbon

  • Sellotape roll

  • Scissors

  • Mod Podge

  • Paintbrush

  • Embroidery thread

  • Bulldog clip

Step 1 -

Slip your sock through the middle of a circular tape roll and over the edges of it, this will hold the sock open for you. Then fill the sock up to the beginning of the heel with enough rice so that it can stand up on its own, and makes a nice round bunny shape. (for smaller socks you could use a smaller tape roll)

Step 2 -

Remove the sock from the tape roll. Form the sock into a cylinder shape, this doesn’t need to be perfect. I have used a bulldog clip at the top of my sock to stop any rice coming out.

Step 3 -

Pinch off the rice ball in the upper-middle, forming the head and body of the rabbit. Use some twine, tie the sock off where you have pinched. Then tie off the top heel of the sock just above the rice, this will form the bunny’s ears and adjust the sock as necessary.

If you would like to add a tale or paws, follow the same process.

Step 4 -

Cut the sock at the open top end in the middle to form the bunny’s two ears.

Carefully trim away the extra fabric to form two even, bunny ear shapes.

If you would like your bunny ears to stand up apply some Mod Podge in between the top and bottom fabric but if you would like floppy ears skip this part.

Step 5 -

To draw the face all you need to do is make two little dots for the eyes, and a little “X” for the mouth, you can either use a marker or you can stitch the face this is up to you.

Step 6 -

Tie some ribbon around what will be the bunnies neck and finish with a bow.

All finished and time to play.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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