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How to make a Picture Frame Luminaries 

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This is a beautiful way to Display your treasured memories and would make a lovely centre piece at a wedding or celebration.

I picked up my frames for 50p each and I had vellum and black card in my stash so this has been an inexpensive project and would make a lovely mothers day or birthday gift.

I”m so excited to share this fab project with you and you are going to love the results.

You will need:

  • 4 Photo Frames In A Size Of Your Choosing

  • Glue gun

  • A4 Vellum

  • A4 Black Card

  • Treasured Photos

  • Square Mirror Tile

  • LED/battery Tea Light Candles

Step 1

Print your pictures onto vellum in the size you require for your frames. I have used A4 vellum and my pitchers are 6” x 4”, I was able to print 2 pictures on 1 page. I have used a normal home printer, do remember to leave your picture to dry after printing as the ink will need longer to set and you don’t want to smudge it.

After the pictures have dried, cut them down to size.

Step 2

I have made window frames as my photo frames didn’t come with them. I have done this by cutting some black cardstock down to 6” x 4” and them cutting a window on the inner of the card, my window frame is approximately 1cm all the way round. You can either cut out your middle

with a trimmer, rectangle die or by using a craft knife and a ruler.

Step 3

Remove the back and glass from your picture frames and leave to one side. if you wanted to paint your frames I would do that now before

constructing. I am happy with mine being white.

Step 4

With a glue gun adhere you're frames into a rectangle. I have used clear glue but if you are using black frames I would suggest that you use a

black glue stick in your glue gun.

Step 5

Now it is time to pop your picture in the frames. I have layered mine with the Window frames first, them Vellum photo and last my Glass. I have done it this way as it keeps the vellum flat.

Step 6

Place on to a square mirror tile (I could only get a round one as they had sold out but a square one would work best) and use an LED/battery candle to illuminate your gorgeous photos. (if you don’t have a mirror tile you could use some Mirri Card instead, I would not use a regular candle with this project.) If you wish for your Luminaries to be able to spin a simple trick of using a fidget spinner underneath it could serve that purpose.

Now time to enjoy your lovely personalised Picture Frame Luminary.

All finished


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Happy Making.

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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