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How to Make an Aspirational card.

This is a fun and modern card that works for all occasions. You can choose any of the images in this stamp set and do this same fun technique for some fun cards.

You will need:

  • Stamps by Me A5 Stamp Set - Shine Bright

  • Rare Earth Stamps - Aspirational Sentiments Vol.2 Collection

  • Stamping Tool Set

  • Ink - Violet

  • Ink - Teal

  • Ink - Blue

  • 5 x 7 Cards and Envelopes

  • Black Card

  • Tsukineko VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad

  • Sweet Dixie Detail Ultra-Fine Embossing Powder - Midnight Black

  • Watercolour Brushes

  • Watercolour Cardstock

  • Glass mat

  • Heat tool

  • Anti-static bag

  • Tape pens

Step 1. Place a piece of 4 1/2” x 6 1/2” Rare Earth mixed media cardstock in to your Load ’N’ Fold and secure with some low tack tape. Now position your Shine Bright stamp face down along one side of the cardstock. Close the Load ’N’ Fold and apply some pressure to pick up the stamp and open.

Step 2 With your teal ink, ink up the top part of the stamp, close and apply pressure to transfer the ink to the cardstock and open.

Use the violet ink to ink up the centre section of the stamp. Then use the blue ink to ink the bottom of the stamp.

Tip - by stamping one colour at a time you will prevent cross contamination of your inks.

Step 3. (Tip - do not add too much water to the stamped image as it has been stamped in water based ink, this means the image could bleed if the card is too wet, to prevent this do a little bit at a time and leave to dry regularly through the process.)

Squidge some of each colour ink on to your glass mat. For this watercolour affect the first layer of colour we put down will be the lightest, we do this by adding water to the ink. Work down the card changing the colour to match the stamped outline and blending in between the colour change. Once you have completed the lightest layer leave to dry.

(Tip - adding more water to the ink will give you a light colour and not adding water will give you a darker colour.)

Step 4. To create the darker areas of the image use the ink without adding water and paint in the areas that would be shaded, then leave to dry.

Step 5. To create a back shadow around the image, add lots of water to the teal ink on your glass mat, the ink will appear translucent. Use this colour to paint around the image. this will make the image pop out more and is a lovely effect.

Step 6. Place your coloured image back in to the Load ’N’ Fold and secure with some low tack tape. choose one of the lovely sentiment stamps from the Rare Earth Stamps - Aspirational Sentiments Vol.2 Collection, I have chosen “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” , position your stamp face down on the opposite to your flowers on the cardstock, close the Load ’N’ Fold and apply some pressure to pick up the stamp and open.

Step 7. You can stamp this in black ink or you can step it up and heat emboss in black like I have.

To heat emboss -

  • First wipe over the cardstock with an anti-static bag.

  • Apply VersaMark to the stamp and stamp on to the cardstock.

  • Pour the embossing powder over where you have stamped.

  • Tap off the excess powder and put back into its pot.

  • With a heat tool heat up the powder on the card, as it changes move the heat tool to a different area, continue this until all of the stamped area has been set.

Step 8. Assemble the card by adding a black mat layer of cardstock cut to 4 3/4” x 6 3/4” to the stamped image, then add this to the card base.

All Finished


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Happy Making.

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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