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How to make Christmas Tree Decorations

Updated: Mar 23

This Christmas Tree Decoration is perfect as a gift or to decorate your own tree. This project can be machined or hand stitched.

You can make this project in any size and in either fabric or felt (I've used both).

You will need:

  • Sewing machine

  • Christmas Fat Quarter

  • Sew Easy Patchwork Triangle

  • Felt in Brown

  • Hemline Iron-On Interfacing

  • Ribbon in a colour of your choice

  • TOFT Premium Toy Stuffing in Hank Tote Stuffing Bag

  • Gutermann Machine Thread Kit Rayon 40 7 Reels

Step 1 - Cut out your fabric.

Using your Sew Easy Patchwork Triangle, you will need 2 fabric pieces (front and back of you project). You can use any patterned fabric or plane fabrics, so why not mix it up a little.

If you want to use a fusible interface to make your project more rigid, you will need to cut out 2 Triangle pieces for your project, cut these a little smaller than your fabric. (I am using an iron on fusible interface) you need to attach your fusible interfacing on the wrong side of your fabric before you start sewing.

You will also need some ribbon about 6”, this is for hanging your decoration.

Lastly you will need a piece of felt for the trunk of your tree.

Step 2 - Decorative Stitches

If you are using a plane fabric you can decorate your fabric with some lovely decorative stitches. Chose some stitches and work them across your fabric, mix it up with different colour threads for a unique look. I have used a top thread in red and bottom thread in green for some of mine.

If you want to make this personalised you can embroider someones name on the decoration.

(You can miss this step if you are using a patterned fabric)

Step 3 - Making your fabric sandwich.

Position your 2 triangle pieces right sides together with your ribbon in between your triangles at the top of the triangle, sew around the edge leaving the bottom, flat edge open. Trim the point and turn to the right side.

If you want to step it up you can add a trim to the edge of you decoration.

Step 4 - Adding Stuffing.

If you want to you can fill your tree with toy stuffing then fold in the bottom edge, insert the tree trunk, then sew up the gap.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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