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How to make Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

Spring is here!

Today I’m going to share with you how to make a teacup bird feeder; it’s so simple and easy to make, and ends up being a super cute garden decoration or could even be given as a gift. I wanted to make a homemade bird feeder, to entice the birds in to the garden for Theo and I to watch, although this does leave them a little vulnerable to Phoebe (my ferocious cat).

You will need:

• An old teacup and saucer - I picked one up in a charity shop for £2.

• Lace or twine

• Glue gun or strong all purpose glue (E6000)

• Bird seed

Step 1 -

Place the teacup on to the saucer and decide where you want the cup to be placed. Where the teacup goes on the saucer totally depends on the shape of the teacup and how it fits onto the saucer.

Step 2

Add glue to your saucer and place the teacup on to the glue, then leave to set.

Step 3 -

I decided to use lace but you could use twine. Start by cutting three long pieces of lace, about two feet long. Knot all three strands together near one end, then glue the knot onto the bottom of the saucer, right in the middle. Make sure you spread out the three strands a little before gluing the knot down.

Step 4 -

Then pull all three strands out to the sides of the saucer, making sure they are as evenly spaced as possible. Glue these strands down onto the saucer near the rim.

Step 5 -

Once the glue on the saucer is set, take the three strands of lace and gather them above the teacup, holding the weight of the teacup and saucer. Adjust the three strands until the saucer hangs perfectly level, then tie the three strands together in a knot above the teacup.

Step 6 -

After all the glue has set, Fill it with bird seed and hang up, you're have all the birds flocking to your garden in no time.


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Happy Making.

Kelly Anne Jordan

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