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How to make Moon and Sun Paper Mobile using you ScanNcut

Would you like to add a personal touch to your little one’s nursery? This is a fab and fun way to add a little more interest to your nursery and its also a very affordable way to do it.

What I think is magic about this project is that it can be made in any theme, I have gone for a traditional moon and stars but it could be done with any cutting file on your ScanNcut.

I think my next one will have to be a dinosaur one (those of you that have done some of my tutorials before will know my son is dino mad)

Why not try your hand at one of these beautiful DIY mobiles?

You will need:

  • Embroidery Hoop

  • Cardstock in Black, Yellow, Orange, Red and white.

  • Glue

  • Twine

  • ScanNcut

Step 1 -

The files I have used from my ScanNcut are:

AR-A001, AR-A003, AR-A005, AR-A006

and I have used a star from the basic shape in Canvas work space

Cut out your images with your ScanNcut. I resize my pieces to about 3” to 4” except my moons and 1 set of stars I made them a bit bigger.

You will need two of each shape to sandwich your twine.

2 x moons in yellow cardstock

2 x big stars in yellow cardstock

8 x stars in yellow cardstock

6 x cloud in white cardstock

2 x sun outers in yellow cardstock

2 x sun inners in orange cardstock

2 x planet inners in red cardstock

2 x planet outers in yellow cardstock

Step 2 -

Glue your sun and planet inner and outers together.

Step 3 -

To string up my hoop I have made marks on my hoop spaced out at 12, 3, 6 and 9 as if you where looking at a clock, (as seen in the picture).

I have then cut 5 pieces of twine approximately 30” in length.

I tied all 5 pieces of twine in a knot at one end.

Now take the inner of your hoop out and rap the twine around each one of your marks, you will have one left which will hang down the centre of your mobile.

To secure your twine pop the outer hoop back on. You can glue the twine in place if you want to make it extra secure.

I have hung my mobile up to check I have my hoop level.

Step 4 -

To attach my shapes I have placed one shape down and placed my twine on top in the centre of it and then added glue.

Then taken another of the same shape and placed on top to make a sandwich, making sure that I have lined up my shapes together.

On my 4 outer twine pieces I have hung two shapes on each and staggered my spacing of the shapes on the twine.

Twine 1 - cloud, sun

Twine 2 - star, cloud

Twine 3 - planet, star

Twine 4 - star, cloud

On the centre twine I have used a small star at the top above the hoop, then the moon in the middle and at the bottom I have used the big star.

Allow your glue to dry.

All finished and ready to hang


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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