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“Welcome November” hand embroidery project.

Let's welcome in November with a lovely hanging hand embroidery piece. This is a fun project that is perfect for all abilities.

You will need: • Embroidery thread in similar colours to the felts • Needles • Patterns • Water erasable pen • Scissors • Ribbon • Glue gun

Welcome November Embroidery
Download PDF • 30KB

Download PDF • 16KB

Step 1 - For a 6” hoop cut fabric to approximately 8”x8”

Step 2 - Print out the pattern and trace on to the centre of your fabric with a water erasable pen. Then put your fabric in to the hoop, ensure that it is taught.

Step 3 - Stitch your words using a Satin stitch. I have used full strands (6) in black.

(for all of the stitches in this project we will use a full strands)

Step 4 - To start the reef border use a Stem Stitch in green to trace over the line.

Step 5 - Use the water erasable pen to draw some leaf and sprig shapes that come off from the reef border.

Step 6 - Stitch the leafs using a fishbone stitch in green. Stitch the sprigs using a back stitch in a light green. Stitch the berries using a french knot in burgundy red.

(Note: if you would like a more delicate appearance them you can use less strands.)

Step 7 - Remove your piece from the hoop and use a damp sponge to remove the water erasable pen marks and leave to dry.

Step 8 - before you put the piece back in to the hoop, trace around the inner part of the hoop on to some felt and cut out, this will cover the back of your work.

Now put your piece back in to the hoop and ensure that it is taught. Trim off the over hanging fabric

Step 9 - Use a glue gun to adhere the felt circle to the back of the piece.

Step 10 - Hang using some lace trim or ribbon.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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