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Each pack contains the following:

1 x A6 journal

20 x Decorative papers

1 x Alice in Wonderland Ephemera pack (50 pieces) 

Embellishments - Adhesive back pearls and Ribbons  (content may vary but will always be similar)


What is junk journalling and smash books?

It's like scrapbooking but using a journal.


You can right, draw, paint, ink, stamp and glue in embellishments, decorative papers, memorabilia and ephemera as you are on the move. No planning is involved you simply decorate as you feel in the moment.


For example if you receive a ticket stub after a bus or to a theme park journey whilst on holiday, stick it in there, journal about your experience and how you feel.


Your junk journal can typically be made with craft supplies recycled papers, junk mail and other found materials.


You can make a vintage journal with items from an old book of the era, also you can make your decorative papers look like they are vintage using several different techniques that can give the appearance of age.


So now all you need to do is combined the materials from this pack to create your own beautiful personalised pages in your journal and if you have your own stash of crafty goodies they will work long side your pack.


You can make pockets and hidden panels and just have fun creating. The cover is left blank so you can personalise and decorated how you would like!


Enjoy  xx


Alice in Wonderland Journaling Kit

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