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Stampin' up Product comparison

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Today I decided to compare some products from Stampin' Up and Hobbycraft. I compared inks, cardstock and punches.

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On the left Hand side I have used whisper white card stock from Stampin' Up and on the right I have used hobbycraft Basic white. There is a real difference with these two cardstocks, hobby craft cardstock is much thinner and has a rough texture. Stampin' Up cardstock is thicker and has a very smooth texture to it. I found that being settled better on the whisper white card stock by Stampin' Up. On each piece of card I have stamped the Stampin' Up Ink on the left and hobbycraft on the right.

Stampin' Up Inks - I chose to use Night of Navy and Cherry Cobbler thinking they were similar colours to the ones I picked up from hobbycraft but I was very wrong. I found that the Stampin' Up Inks where very juicy Ink pads and gave very good coverage on the whisper white card, you can see how the ink has settled and blended together and not run or become blotchy. The colour was true to what was displayed on the packaging so will make that easy to know what colour you're buying, also they dried very quickly, so no smudging.

Black ink - are used was a Jet Black Stazon Ink Pad and was very good with good covering and no smudging, I would definitely use this again.

Hobbycraft Inks - I tried to pick similar colours as you see in my video and the pictures, the colours came out very different from what they appeared to be when using the hobbycraft Ink. I found that hobby craft ink never seem to give an even coverage, what I had stamped was blotchy and grainy. I was very disappointed with the product and didn't get the results I had hoped for from such a big company. The colours I chose were a dark navy and a dark red, both colours came out very light in comparison to the Inkpad, this makes it very deceiving went buying Inks as I didn't get what I thought I had. I also found they did not dry and smudged very easily. Metallic inks from hobbycraft - did not cover well and was very smudgy, I was very disappointed with this product as the gold didn't cover the whole surface where I'd stamped, The Silver was slightly better but still smudged very easily after being allowed time to dry.

Hobbycraft Punches - I used corner punch and a heart shaped punch from hobbycraft. I found with both of these punches they were easy to use and cut well. My only fault with them is that they are quite bulky, so not as easy to store away.

Stampin' Up punches - I used a corner punch and a balloon shaped punch from Stampin' Up. I found that both punches cut quite well, but the balloon punch didn't cut completely when using the cardstock from hobbycraft, I don't know if it was the punch or the card stock that created this problem. I like how easy these punches are to store away as they are stackable. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog or to watch my video. If you have had similar results or use the product that I haven't featured please get in touch, I would love to know what you think.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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