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Some More Great Gifts #10 Necklaces and #11 Key Rings

So this week I'v been making some more gifts and things for a craft fair I'm do some. This is such a great way to use up DSP and you can use you off cuts that you may have just popped in the bin...

I'v seen this done be for and always want to give it a go. I order the Pendant Trays and glass from Amazon for about £10 and I also got some necklaces too and glue. you will need a 1" punch to.

and I also thought i would give the Key Rings a go to, it was so easy and it came in a kit. in the kit was 10 Key Rings and a Punch to match for about £16 also from amazon.

I really like how both projects came out and I hope this has given you some more ideas.

Happy Making xx

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