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5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.

Updated: Jan 19

5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.
5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.

In this blog post we will explore the reasons why card journaling could be useful to you.

So what is card journaling? This is my concept of journalling It is a mash up of card making, mixed media and art journaling but the important part is that you log everything you use in your log it book.

There are so many types of journaling that we already know about and love such as art journaling, mixed media journaling, junk journaling, and bullet journalling, but if like me I would like to recreate a project for a card or a gift, I can never remember what I have used to create a previous project, such as a card or a project in my mixed media journal. This is why I have developed card journaling to assist in that process, if I would like to recreate a project, technique or colour palette I have used before I will have the recipe logged in my card journal and I can still be just as creative as I am in my mixed media journal, maybe even more so.

Card Journaling.

How it works -

For the base of my project I like to work on watercolour or mixed media cardstock cut down to my preferred working size, I tend to work on a 5" x 7" as this is my preferred greetings card size, but you can work in any size you like. I like to mount mine on black card stock as I come from a card making background but you do not have to do this. You will also need a "log it" book which is available on Amazon (link in the post). This book has one side which is ready to log the products you have used and the other is for your project piece to be stuck in. Because you are sticking a project into your book you do not have to only work on one project at a time you can work on multiple as you will not be waiting for your book to dry between projects. I also like to take a photograph of my project and stick this in my book instead of the actual finish project, this gives me the flexibility to have a copy of my project and gift my project at the same time and also by taking a photograph of my project I can make any size project I wish.

This concept can be used for any type of journaling, such as art journaling and mixed media journaling. If you like to work in an art or travel journal my "log it" book can still work for you. Work in your journal as usual, them photograph your project, now stick that photograph into your "log it" book, then log what you have used. You still have your beautiful journal but you have a reference of products you have used.

5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.

5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.

1. Opportunity to be creative -

Card journaling is an opportunity to be creative, rediscover, or maybe rekindle the love of creating just for the sake of creating. A dedicated space for playful explorations of techniques and experiments, this can fuel your creativity and give you the space for mindful creation. You can start a card journal for any purpose or project or work on a bunch at once.

Art Journaling

2. Re-create -

I love card making, often I will make a one-off card for someone and I will really like the card but will not remember the products I've used or the techniques I have done, I am then unable to re-create that. But by using my card journal I can keep a log of what I have used and have a copy or picture of the project to refer back to for whenever I would like to re-create it.

Artist trading cards

3. No pressure and freedom -

I love that with card journaling I do not have any pressure to make a card. In traditional card making we normally make a card for a specific person or event, sometimes there is an overwhelming pressure to create a card but with card journaling I can create for no other reason then being creative, like I am in my mixed media journal. I can still play and have a recipe or guide after if I choose to recreate a project.

Crafty as a Fox stamps and stencil

4) No Rules in your creative process!

I love card journaling because there are no rules – you make your own, and you can change them any time you choose to! you can play and experiment with your art products, mixed media products, stamps, stencils, patterned papers, and old book pages, my card journal is my playground! You might want to experiment with colour combinations or texture pastes, having your card journal will give you the ability to log how your experiments turn out, the good and the bad.

Card Journaling

5) Any thing goes -

What I also love about card journaling is no matter the style of card making or journaling you like to do, this concept can work for you. For instance if you like to work with,

  • Stamp

  • Stencil

  • Watercolour

  • Alcohol markers

  • Decoupage

  • Parchment

  • Die Cutting.

  • Digital Die-cutting.

  • Paper folding.

  • Embossing.

  • Foiling.

  • Heat Embossing.

  • Ink Blending

  • Art journaling

  • Mixed media journaling

Because it is all about being creative and logging what you have used so you always have your recipe.

5 reasons why you should start Card Journaling.

Hopefully you can now see how Card Journaling can work for you.

  • It can be a great outlet for your feelings.

  • It is the ideal place to practice creativity.

  • You can let go and play in an card journal without repercussion.

  • It is the perfect place to explore art mediums.

  • You can learn new things and practice techniques.

About my books

My book Card Journaling: A mash up of card making and mixed media

journaling techniques Vol 1. Vol 1 focuses on ink based products for stamping and stencilling for beginners. It contains information about these products, how to use them, techniques to try in your card journaling and plenty of inspiration along the way. Unlike other creative books this book also has handy log pages, so you can keep a track of what you have used to make your project. If you want log space to keep a log of your projects then check out Card Journaling - log it!

My books are available at amazon follow the links below.

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