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How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

How to Create Artist Trading Coins

How to Create Artist Trading Coins -

Artist Trading Coins were founded in 2018 by Joanne Hodges, they are a 2.5-inch circle of mixed media art, they are similar to Artist Trading cards but they are 2.5-inch circles. You create a small piece of art to trade with other artists and crafters. They are to be traded, never sold. The most important thing about making your coin is to make it in your own style so it can be very simple or very intricate, this is a craft for all abilities.

You can use anything to make your Artist Trading Coins. Paper, card, stencilling, washi tape, rub-ons, stamping, ink, paint, napkins and anything you like to work with. The coins can be made from heavyweight cardstock or watercolour card.

You will need:

  • 2.5 inch Circles Punch or Die

  • Heavyweight Cardstock - Hunkydory Adorable Scorable

  • A Stamp set you like to work with

  • Mod Podge

  • Ranger Embossing Kit

  • Patterned Paper

  • Fine Liner Pen

Step 1 - Coin Base

  • I have used a 2.5 inch circle punch to cut out 2 circles from a heavyweight cardstock. I have used Hunkydory Adorable Scorable cardstock. If you do not have a punch, a circle die will work to.

  • Use Mod Podge to adhere the circles together and let dry, this creates the coin base. If your cardstock is thick enough you can skip this stage.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Step 2 - Coin Design

  • Cut a 3 inch square of background paper, it is easier to work on a square format to create a coin image.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins
  • I have stamped some images from the Rear Earth Cogs and Gears Stamp Collection, then coloured, cut the images out and then adhered them to my square. I also added some cut out words from a patterned paper. You can use anything you like. For example, pictures from a magazine or newspaper, anything that takes your fancy. Ensure you burnish your images down for good adhesion.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins
  • You can add any stencilling, washi tape, rub-ons, embossing, stamping, permanent pen or marker to add any doodling to your work. I have done some stamping and added ink to parts of my work, then used the Ranger Embossing Kit to add some embossed elements.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins
  • When you are happy with your piece add a layer of Mod Podge and leave to dry.

Step 3 - Cutting out your design.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins
  • Frame your design in the 2.5” punch and move around until you’re happy with the placement then punch out the coin.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Step 4 - Back design.

  • Make a back design for your coin with your name, date and coin number. I have added some stamping and doodling.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Step 5 - Adhere it all together.

  • Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the coin design and the coin base, stick together and burnish well, them leave to dry.

  • Do the same for the back design to adhere the coin altogether.

  • I like to apply a good layer of Mod Podge to the edge of the coin and leave to dry.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Step 6 -

  • I like to finish my coins with a distress look around the edge. I do this by adding a permanent ink to the edge and some embossing. This also gives a nice finish to the coin.

How to Create Artist Trading Coins
How to Create Artist Trading Coins

Now time to share with other Artist trading coin traders.


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