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How to Make Air Dry Clay storage pot

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Why not make your own fun desk pot to pop your pens and paint brushes in. This is a fun project for you and your little helpers. You can make them in lots of different sizes and colours to suit your need.

You will need: • Light Grey Self Hardening Clay

• Cling film • Rolling pin • DecoArt Chalky acrylic paint in keepsake

• DecoArt texture in rose gold • Tin can • Wet And Dry Sandpaper • Creativ Masking Tape - 50mm

Step 1 - Start by rolling the clay out to about 3-5mm thickness. You can do this between two pieces of cling film or baking paper so you can move the clay around without it sticking to your work surface.

Cut a rectangle of clay to fit around your tin, mine measured 9.1/4” x 4.1\4”. You will also need a circle of clay for the base of the pot.

Step 2 - Put some cling film around your tin. Pick up the clay rectangle and wrap it around the tin, line up the bottom of the clay with the bottom of the tin. Then score the edges, add a little water and smooth the edges together.

At the top of the tin smooth over any overhanging clay, score and add a little water to join the base to the pot in the same way you joined the edges.

Set all the clay aside to dry for 24 hours or until dry.

Step 3 - After a few hours the clay should be strong enough to support its self. You can wiggle the tin out from the pot, you should leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4 - If you have any gaps in your joins, you can smooth them by mixing clay with a bit of water to make it into a sticky paste, then use your finger to smooth it onto the pot.

Step 5 - For a smoother finish use sandpaper to smooth the pots down.

Step 6 - Take some masking tape and wrap it around the pot about half way up, this will allow you to create a neat edge for a dipped paint effect.

Step 7 -

Paint the bottom of the pot with DecoArt Chalky acrylic paint in keepsake, coat with an even cov- erage, then leave to dry.

Now paint the rim of the pot with DecoArt texture in rose gold and leave to dry

Lastly pop the bit’s and bob’s on your desk in your fun new pot.


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Happy Making

Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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