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Weaving Project

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

You will need: • Loom 28x39cm • Fantasia Acrylic Yarn Assorted Colours

• Comb • Chunky Off White Yarn • Mercerized Cotton Yarn Off-White • Yarn Needle 3pcs • Mounting Stick, L 40cm

Step 1 - Warp the loom with warp threads, you do this by first tying a slip knot at the end of the thread as shown. Place the loop on the slip knot into the first groove on the lower block of the loom. Place the loose block in the middle of the loom.

Now work the warp thread up and down the loom, for the first layer the warp thread only goes into every other groove in the block in the middle, continue this process until the entire frame is full. For the second layer work the thread back and forth between the empty grooves in the middle block and the wooden blocks at the top and bottom of the frame, continue this process until the entire grooves are filled in. To secure the warp thread wind it few times around the block on the loom and secure.

Loosen the wing nuts on each side of the lower block and twist, tightening all the warp threads on the loom. Tighten the wing nuts again. The loom is now ready.

Step 2 - bace To start the weaving we will make a base for some tassels by weaving 6 rows of warp thread, this makes a good base for the tassels to sit on, these rows will not be seen as the tassels will cover them. Wind some thread around the shuttles, to start weaving, pass the shuttle in between the two layers of warp threads from one side to the other. Tip the wooden block in the middle so that the warp threads swap place. Now feed the shuttle between the warp threads back again to the other side.

Use a comb to firmly push the threads in place, so the thread section becomes tight. I have used a wooden comb to do this.

Tip the block in the middle again (do this every time the shuttle has been fed through the warp threads in one direction).

Step 3 - Making tassels Use 2 strands of the wool cut to approximately 12”, lay the wool above two warp threads and fed the strands of wool underneath on either side, pull the wool out and slide it down to tighten. Work a long until you have filled a row. Trim the tassels to the length you desire.

Step 4 Draw on to the threads the paten you would like, I am going for a wavy sea.

Step 5 Start by winding some wool around the shuttle, weave in the same way that we made the bace layers. Work up until your draw line, them change colour continue working up the peace and changing the wool colour at each draw line until you have filled most of the loom.

For the last 6 row use a length of warp threads to create a top edge.

Step 6 Loosen the wing nuts on the wooden block at the top and lift off the warp threads. Repeat this procedure at the bottom. Cut open the loops at the top and bottom to make tassels and tie the threads together with a knot in pairs.

Sew these thread ends back in to the piece and trim, then repeat this for any loose wool ends on the back of the weave.

Step 7 Attach the piece to a wooden dowel or a stick you find out on a walk like I did.

Do this by stitching around the stick to the top edge of the weave. Add some thread to the ends of the stick to hang.


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