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How to make tic-tac-toe game in a pouch

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

This is a little pouch game I decided to make for mums on the go with kid’s that need something to do. It's very simple to make, and took me less than an hour from start to finish. You could get the kid's involved in making it as you could hand stitch or machine it.

You will need: • Sewing machine • Sewing threads • Fat Quarter • Ribbon Button Pins or Clips

Step 1 Press your fabric and cut out a rectangle of fabric that measures approximately 14” X 6”

Step 2 Press your fabric 1/4” at each, this is to keep a clean edge, Then press approximately 1” from both ends of the fabric to create the channel for the ribbon, as seen in the picture, Fold your fabric with right sides together and finger press to make a slit crease to show the bottom of the pouch.

Step 3 Cut 4 strips of ribbon approximately 5”, them place on to your fabric as seen in the picture and sew in to place

Step 4 Fold your fabric in half with right sides together Sew along the 2 sides of the pouch with a seem allowance of 1/4”, sew up to the pressed edge as indicated in the pitcher, leaving the top part un-sewn.

Step 5 Open out the pressed top edges on the pouch

Press the seem allowance open and stitch, as shown in the pictures. Repeat this on both sides of the pouch. This will make 2 flaps at the top of the pouch.

Step 6 Now we are going to make the drawstring channel by folding down the flaps1/2” Sew along the bottom of the channel so that the fold will appear on the inside of the pouch.

Step 7 Turn the pouch the right way and thread your ribbon through the channels Tie a knot in the end of the ribbons

Step 8 Raid your button tin for 2 different colours of button, you will need 6 in each col- our. these will make your tic-tac-toe pieces.


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Kelly Anne Jordan xx

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